Saturday, March 23, 2019

The scavenger hunt continues

It was so sunny and beautiful last Wednesday that I headed for the Oregon Zoo via the max train since Max station artwork was on the list. It was cold down there so I went up to the Zoo first. When I got to the aviary for some bird practice I looked up at a few bird bellies sitting on the trees. Ali did enlarge her definition of faces to include animals and inanimate objects so I figured if I could get the in eyes those birds would qualify as faces from below.

The tortoises came lumbering out into the sun. They move faster than I expected. One came over to the fence where I was standing and I managed a quick gesture as it walked by. I had to finish it from memory and piecing together information from other angles.

The artwork at the Washington Park Station, both above and below, was a collaborative effort between the Westside  Design Team and the architects. It's 260 feet below the surface and much colder than the air above. There are images etched into the walls, on the elevator doors and in 24 light boxes. All the images are of plants, animals humans and natural phenomena represented across time. The color was done at home.

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