Monday, March 18, 2019

Sketchcrawl and scavenger items

I’m so glad to have joined or USKPDX group this past Saturday. Finally some sun! My first sketch was a bit fussy of the steel bridge. As others have said, no blossoms yet this year.
Then I had just enough time to capture some Sketchers to my right. 
The third figure from the left is supposed to be Kay. I peeked over her shoulder to see her gorgeous sketch in white ink on a dark surface- aha, a scavenger hunt item. 
This sparked a need to sketch more for the game! 
Last week I did my local Happy Valley Library before the good weather came.
This evening I sketched my son’s face from underneath as he typed a paper for school.
Finally, I polished off the evening with an oatmeal date bar. Only the napkin remained and the stained rings in the mug that used to contain hot chocolate. I think I added 3, right Ali?
When I turned the page over I realized the marker bled through the back of the page. I decided to use that image to paint over it in gouache.

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