Saturday, February 21, 2015

Recent sketch outings

Today we had another amazing turnout in the Beaumont neighborhood.  A big hearty welcome to all of you new people!  Let's not leave anybody out though - lots of love to everyone in the group, newcomers, regulars, and returning faces.

I managed to draw one thing today in a brand new sketchbook.  I learned a few things about my markers.  Like, it's better to start with the light colors.

In the past month or so, I've gone to the Fields park a few times with some other sketchers.  I mostly sketched from inside Ovation.  Lots of people, quick sketching, trying to fill up the sketchbook.

A few weeks ago, I went with Drink and Draw to ^H, a new hacker space at 7600 N. Interstate. After drawing some people, I started drawing the fun geeky stuff they have there.

Mission accomplished - that sketchbook is full!


  1. Love your landscape in colored markers! The strong shadows speak to the bright sunny day and add such drama to the composition. I kind of like the bleeding that happens where the pale green overlaps the gray, actually--softening it in a potentially interesting/useful way, once one expects that effect? Great seeing you today!

  2. Nice work there has been some good sketching weather in Portland recently! I am a urban sketcher/ watercolor artist in Portland and hope to meet up for one of the sketch outings


  3. Thanks Katura and Phil! Yes please join us, Phil! Hope to see you soon.