Monday, February 16, 2015

More Cement trucks and construction

Thought I'd post these to go along with the other sketcher postings of our day among the cememnt trucks and pumpers amid the construction at the Fields.

sketch with multi colored pencil...what fun!

This first was to get my head around the active soon as one cement truck was emptied of its load it left and a new truck moved into place. A ballet of movement across my stage.

same view as above but with my usual non waterproof ink and watercolor

non waterproof ink and watercolor
This last view is of the street after all of the trucks have left and this last pumper truck is set to go too.


  1. I like your limited palette and non waterproof ink,Deb.
    Great construction site sketches!

  2. Deb, these are great! They are each very different, but they are still each recognizable as your style. They really tell the story of the construction. Smart to add the signage, too.

  3. It was a fun scene. So much activity so well orchestrated.
    Thanks for your nice comments.