Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunshine and Cemetery Landscaping

A lovely sketchcrawl on a sunny February day! I strolled down to the Rose City Cemetery with a small team of sketching pals and we settled into the lovely, peaceful green space to sketch. My toddler was very keen on having me help her with the walking practice on the lawn, so I only got off a few quick impressions of the meticulously-sculpted holly trees that lined the entry drive.

Brown chalk on white paper--you'll notice that I had some kiddo help on that one...

And borrowed oil pastels for a splash of color appropriate to the sunny day! My tiny helper was so kind as to color in the blue on the lower part of the page. We then had to act fast to keep her from coloring on any of the headstones, but she did at least add some oil pastel bling to her shoes to top off the adventure.

Big thanks to the friendly staff of the Rose City Cemetery who made us feel very at home (and who are eager to see what other people drew via the blog posts.) The urgency of naptime kept us from attending the sketchbook sharing at lunch, so I'm eager to see folks post what they drew around the neighborhood as well!

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