Saturday, January 24, 2015

Palms Motor Hotel on Interstate

I either never have time or can't find a place to park to have a go at the sign;
Thursday I had two tries, before and after a doctor's visit.  The first was hurried and I like it better;
the second I did a set-up, etc, and yet the joy of the image is a bit lost.  Some do best the second time: I find I often do my best work the first time out, and if I don't get it, should just walk away.

Above, very fast and spontaneous, no set-up, about 15 minutes. 
I like the dark black ink, even though it bled.
I feel like I captured my feeling for the sign (reminds me of home.)

Below, chose an ink that doesn't run in grey, did a set-up in grey watercolor pencil, 35 minutes,
(cut short by creepy guy deciding to stand and stare at me through the window)
and feel it doesn't hit the mark for me.  Not as much focus on the sign either.

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