Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chinese Garden

Like Andrea, I also went to the Chinese Garden this week, but unlike her, I hung out in the tea house and drew pottery for quite awhile. (I found the poem on our table very comforting after the tragedies in Paris this week.)

After warming up with tea and treats,  I went outside and drew some of the vegetation.

Finally, to make this post look a little more urban, I'll add this sketch from Directors Square.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful work! The color on the brown paper is so luminous, and your white gel pen(?) sparkles with liveliness.

  2. Love how you have divided the space in the first and I ditto Katura's comments on the brown paper.

  3. Thanks, Katura and Deb. Yes, it is a white gel pen and it's time to replace it. Somehow brown paper seems right in this season.

  4. Vicky these are so nice. I love the detail, the proportions, and the composition on all of them.