Saturday, January 31, 2015

Worldwide Sketchcrawl- a day early

Howdy! I've been quite absent from this blog ever since I moved from Portland down to a home in the country!
Today is the Worldwide Sketchcrawl but I guess I celebrated yesterday- I sketched a little bit...actually quite a bit more than is usual for me now that there is a toddler in my life!!! I find that I can steal a minute or two here and there from time to time!

At Lan Su, sketched in about 3 minutes in between doling out pretzels and chatting with Katura.
Up on the Columbia, sketched in About 2 minutes as my little guy woke from his car nap.
A bit longer, as the boy played with sticks and filled his diaper!
On the way home, about 2 hours in traffic, and this guy slept nearly the whole trip!
And the sky was gorgeous though I was unable to capture it well!


  1. Lovely to see you sketching,Alanna! I especially like the line work in the pagoda and the sketches of Sky.

  2. I agree with Linda! It' great to see your sketches here. They really tell a story of your day and show what is most important.Wonderful!

  3. nice to see these sketches. Your people/baby sketches are wonderful. And love the simplicity of the beautiful sunset!