Monday, January 19, 2015

Cellar Door Coffee Roaster Sketchcrawl

Hello Sketchers,

A fine and rainy weekend was had by my partner and I as we indulged in coffee and treats at the Cellar Door this last weekend. A bit of sketching was had, and I decided to do an interior shot, looking out towards the street through the front door.
I decided to use a new sketch journal, one of those trendy little models, a Moleskine! A small detail I noticed only the next day: I am still writing 2014 down on some of my sketches!

Happy Sketching,

Mark Hansen
The Art of Mark R. Hansen


  1. Nice sketch. The formatting is very nice too. I am always concerned that I will do that retro dating thing myself and am super vigilant in the beginning of the year but invariably I do eventually slip up...surprisingly a few months in. At least you have gotten it done with early!

    1. Hi Deb ~ Thanks! I usually muck up the Month, rather than the Year, but I guess one must cover all the bases! I went in and did some fine damage control afterwards, and the journal is now in the correct year, once again. ;-)