Sunday, January 18, 2015

A wet day in Multnomah Village

A surprisingly great number of sketchers turned out on Saturday sketching in Multnomah Village despite the forecast for heavy rain.

I was lucky to find the perfect spot on a very convenient bench that I had to share...(but more of that later) and under an awning.
In this first I am looking across the street and to the left at the SW Capitol Highway bridge. I tried to get the feeling of wet but it dried out just looking like shadow.....which there was not! I will have to study some of the Paraty (Brazil USK Symposium 2014) wet street sketches to get some pointers.

Watercolor and non waterproof ink

After, I switched to an opposite view looking down SW Capitol Highway at the street cars and shops.

Non waterproof ink

And then finally I just had to sketch my bench companion. He ( I am guessing?) was a perfect gentleman and didn't flinch or hesitate when I asked that he pose for me.

watercolor and non waterproof ink

So despite the weather it was a pretty good sketching day! Yea, Portland Urban Setchers.


  1. I love these! Especially the wet day one (whether or not you're happy with the wetness) perfectly captures that awkward, wonderful intersection and the old shops.

  2. These look like Multnomah to me and the top one especially, looks wet to me. I'm so impressed that you can draw a line of cars that actually look proportionally accurate and correctly parked. You did surprise me with your bench companion. Hurray for you all getting out in spite of the weather.

  3. Thanks Vicky and Susan. I did luck out though on that bench under the awning. A pretty good day despite the downpours.

  4. I think you had the only outdoor somewhat dry spot next to Froggie! Love the sketches!