Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lan Su (wtih bonus Samurai!)

Lan Su was very chilly when we visited last week. I picked a spot to sit that was sunny and then started looking for something to draw--the fabulous rockwork that made up the floor of the plaza was an excellent warm-up for my brain.

Grey and black brush pens can give a sense of depth quickly and efficiently.

Drawing other sketchers can make a scene more fancy!

Coincidentally, my friend Violeta happened to bring her kids to the garden that same morning. She took some snapshots of sketchers in action--and gave me permission to share them here.

The black brush pen has been super useful when out sketching with the baby, because I can get interesting lines down fast while standing, rocking, or bouncing with the darling little wiggler. Here are a few quick sketches from the Samurai exhibit at the Portland Art Museum as a little bonus!


  1. Very nice, Katura! I especially like the sketch of the sketcher by the intricate gate. Love how you captured her pose with so few lines. So glad your friend was there to get the photo of you and Magpie in the sunshine.

  2. Love the drawings with quotes of 'passer's by'. A wonderful added record of the day sketching!