Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This Weekend's Sketches

Saturday, at OMSI, I sketched one of the lines for the Sherlock Holmes exhibit.  Andrea has inspired me to look at ceilings, and this one was pretty interesting. Sometime, I'm going to go back and sketch those steps completely from that upside-down perspective.

This room, full of interactive displays, was frenetic, but I was in my own private sketching zone.

Sunday, several of us found a spot in the sunshine at the Chinese Gardens.

Can you identify which hat belongs to which sketcher?

I'm so proud of our sketching group for starting the new year with 2 sketch crawls!


  1. Great stuff....looking at ceilings?? What a notion. I love the hats too!

  2. I love how you wrote letters next to each hat. Thanks for making me laugh, so often.