Monday, January 27, 2014

Worldwide Sketchcrawl- Portland Convention Center

Amid all of the super activity around the Chocolate Fest and the Comic Con at the Convention Center this Saturday I ignored it all (at least in my sketches) and as usual looked to the structures and sculptures.

Glass Flower sculpture - ink and watercolor pencils

Convention Center sculpture at escalator- ink and watercolor pencils

I was sitting in the long corridor for the above sketches while the long line of people for the Comic Con  was passing. There were several really inventive and creative costumes but they were moving a little too fast for me to attempt to sketch them. It may have been OK to attempt it if I had been a little more familiar with the characters they were representing it was the only characters I related to were the obvious Star Trek and Star Wars types. Great fun to see all of the creativity though!

This first attempt at the Dragonboat was taken from the floor below but then I found the ideal place (thanks to Janene) to sketch this boat from the balcony above so I could really see all of the details.

Dragonboat- ink and watercolor pencils
Dragonboat- ink


  1. Deb, these are great! I especially like that luminous poppy and olive(?) piece. Your sketches provide the context for all those crazy events.

  2. That Dragon was a tricky guy to sketch but you did great simplifying all of that ornate detail. I like the lobby with the olive too!

  3. Thanks Vicky and Janene. Yes, that dragon was the first attempt I kept losing my place. Kalina (who was also on the balcony but had to leave due to a persistent cough) and I thought it might be the light that was adding to the difficulty.
    Nice to see you both was a fun day!

  4. So nice. I really like that dragon with the sepia ink.

  5. I really like your use of ink and watercolor pencils,very effective. I,too,like the lobby sketch with the olive like thing!