Saturday, August 3, 2013

Barcelona sketches

It took me some time to get my head in gear to organize and post my 2013 USK Symposium sketches. It was an awesome time and the new processes, the different materials and just trying something new had my head spinning...but in a good way! And that is really why I take workshops.
So here are some of what I did there. To see more sketches and about the workshops I took please visit my blog at

James Richards' workshop

Norberto Dorantes' workshop

 July 13th Worldwide Sketchcrawl


  1. Nice work,Deb! It looks like you expanded your techniques and tried new approaches. I especially like the first one and think I would have liked James Richards workshop.

  2. He had a great handout too that I will share when we get together. It explains his pretty easy approach to putting people in your drawings....took a lot of the angst out of it for me.

  3. I need to resolve to go to next year's event, no matter where it may be! What a rich experience it must have been. Is there some movement to have a sharing gathering with all you who attended? Would be interesting to hear what gems you picked up from the sessions and from other sketchers.

  4. Mike, we are trying to get something together and I believe Katura will be posting the details soon...hope you can make it.