Sunday, August 25, 2013

Zoo Sketch Crawl

Spent the whole day at the zoo, moving through in a group.  We were with members of ASIFA - an organization for animators.  I enjoyed listening to them discuss animation-related topics such as Jurassic Park's special effects, and animation software.

We started by the river otter - this otter was relaxing in the corner.  Occasionally the otter rolled and glided through the water next to the glass in front of us.

We also spent a lot of time with the elephants.  This elephant was inside, eating from a high bucket.  He circled around the interior enclosure, always returning to a similar position, making it easier to draw him.

The last thing I drew was this monitor lizard.  It was a slow mover.  It sometimes moved its head from side to side, surveyed the scene, and darted out its forked tongue.

I have posted these and other zoo sketches from the day at my blog:


  1. Your critters really have personality!

  2. Again, you seem to have used the perfect paper and medium for your subjects. Great touch of blue with the otters.

  3. Love the bleeding effects on these drawings. Better and better Andrea!