Monday, August 26, 2013

Elephant Sketches

Lovely time sketching at the Oregon Zoo this weekend! The ASIFA animators were super nice, and it was fun to hear them talk about how to convey weight and motion in sketches. (I loved the analogy of fruit-bats hanging just like water balloons, and it was fun to have discussions about elephant movements--even when they are at a run, it's more of a shuffle--legs never all leave the ground at once like they would with a dog or a goat at a gallop.)

I drew a LOT on this trip, so I'll start off with elephant sketches and add more in another post soon.


  1. All of your zoo sketches are delightful, Katura! I don't know which are my favorite, the otters, the bears or the elephants! Its fun to see the different approaches to the subjects, with brush pen and pen and ink.

  2. Really nice. Love the way the elephant is so large it is going off the page.