Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Peach season

Today I did this sketch at the Farmers Market in the South Park blocks.
It was bustling but I found a little concrete ledge to sit on across from the peach stand.
It was the lovely orange umbrella that caught my attention. I am happy with the colors
but wish I had shifted the composition to the right. I ran out of time to finish.

I had a great time and,of course, came home with some of those beautiful peaches!


  1. Delightful! Having an umbrella that color is a perfect advertisement for the fruit. (And I can relate to re-thinking the composition once the sketch is done...but sketching is all about exploring and learning, isn't it?)

  2. Nice color theme. Gives unity to the sketch.

  3. This is so appealing Linda. The orange umbrella is very attractive and works well with the peaches....I wonder if it attracted people to buy?? And, I think it is correctly placed on the looks perfect!