Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bike and Sketch

 Better late than never in posting my sketches from the pedalpalooza bike and sketch event! I have to admit that being pregnant has definitely impacted my motivation and concentration to sketch...maybe it's because I feel so much more tired these days.

It was great to get out and enjoy the day of biking and sketching. Katura was dressed quite cutely as Beatrix Potter and gave a great introduction to the group assembled. I jotted down names of folks that were there.
 Because I was on the back of a tandem, I did a quick sketch as we left Ladd's circle (color NOT added while biking!)
 Feeling out of practice, I sketched the Eastbank Esplanade, and tried to get a water skier in the scene, but alas, the skier went down and I got a cartoony impression of him.
 Sketching the sketchers on the esplanade then on to the goats!
 the goats were quite a challenge. Maybe I should have taken Kalina's approach and just tried sketching their butts!
 At the Lone Fir Cemetary, I was starting to feel hungry and my bladder needed some relief, which is my excuse for why I don't like this sketch very much!
 Also, a quick little sketch of Katura's bike (which isn't actually yellow, but black)

What a fun day!!!

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  1. Hello Alanna...nice to see your postings of the pedalpaloosa! You get high marks for even showing up, never mind on a tandem! Your drawings gave a nice rendition of the day's events.