Monday, July 22, 2013

Salmon Street Springs Fountain

It was a busy Saturday, so I only popped by the Urban Sketchers meetup for about an hour. But it was delightful meeting new people as well as seeing old friends! And I managed to fill up a page before I headed out to tackle the rest of the weekend. * ¡Que sábado más ocupado! Sólo pasé una hora en la reunión de Urban Sketchers, pero fue un gran placer conocer a gente nueva y ver a los amigos ya conocidos. También logré llenar una página con dibujitos antes de correr a mis otros quehaceres para el fin de semana.


  1. I like it, Katura. You flatter me:) It was fun to see you and I'm glad you made time to come out on your busy weekend.
    Lovely capture of the little girl by the fountain.

  2. Great work, and fast too! Thanks for fitting us into your busy weekend--good to see you!