Monday, July 22, 2013

Portland Urban Sketchers in Barcelona

Here's a few of us at the Arc de Triomf on the last day of the symposium: Deb, Andrea, & Gregg.

I also did one blog post while I was there, and it's got a few sketches:

I plan to do more soon.  I've been going through my photos tonight.  I only took about 300 this time.

Now Vicky, it's time for you to post the photo of all of us (except Rita wasn't in it)...


  1. Are you back? Sometime I want to see all 300 photos..along with all your sketches, of course. I like what you've got on your blog. I can see the evidence of new techniques.
    I better get scanning!

  2. Hi Vicky - yeah I am back! And I'm up at 4 in the morning! Yay jetlag! It's a good time to blog and fix up my photos.

  3. Welcome back. Can't wait to see you again and see all your sketches.
    (4:30 .M. is still my new wake up time, too.)