Sunday, September 7, 2014

Vegetables All over the Place!

I am a little shy to post again when no one else has filled up this space. But here I am anyway.

These are a couple of quick ones done last week. I am trying to train myself to be quicker, looser, and to evoke a sense of the thing without dwelling in fussiness. Next month we will be in Europe for a couple of weeks, and I know the sketches I do will have to be made on a time budget. I'm hoping to be competent enough to feel some pleasure in the drawings I bring back.

This is Spicer's produce market in Oregon City:

 And this one (inspired perhaps by the wonders of a produce market) is the gathering basket from the kitchen garden at home.

Both: ink and watercolor. (I love my little Micron pen!)


  1. So glad you are posting! I really like this loose style in both of these.
    Have a great trip and happy sketching.

    1. Thanks, Vicky. I'm working to make my brain let my hand stop. It's OK to leave spaces!