Sunday, April 14, 2013

Voodoo Donuts- eastside

Voodoo Donuts eastside held up to the reputation of the original last Saturday. I got there a little earlier than the 9:30 meet up just behind Katura and Chris. Within a very short time the line was out the door and starting to wrap around the building!
Inside the line is starting to build for those tasty donuts.
After an initial warmup sketch above I moved outside to get a view of the building. The temperature was cold that day but if the sun kept out it was OK...and it seemed to want to do that for at least some of the time. Eventually though it got too cold so Vicky, Mike and I moved onto another inside and warmer location.
Didn't arm myself with the proper bright pink color so had to improvise...but you all know what it is supposed to be!
Mike searched his smart phone and found a place just a little bit down on Sandy. That is how we discovered this wonderful coffee (with food and pastries) and motorcycle shop! Very interesting stuff on the walls ( like a whole wall of motorcycle helmets) and of course motorcycles to draw. What fun!
A very cool bike....someone came by later and took it out for a ride.


  1. Deb, I think you did a great job of sneaking up on the bright pink motifs even without a prefab bright pink color in your kit--it's probably even more fun to look at the way you did it here than if you had a perfect donut-box match, you know? And the sketch of the motorcycle is so cool, the machine feels like it's just itching to go for a ride!

  2. Thanks Katura. I wouldn't mind going back to that motorcycle shop to finish another sketch I started and to do other stuff. Thanks for setting this session up....!

  3. Great postures on the customers in the top one. I love the two who are really breaking into their doughnuts! You seem to show so much with just a few lines on your people. They must be just the right lines! I really like the straight on view of the motorcycle and the limited pallet here. Finally, your Voodoo Doughnut shop looks terrific as the header.

  4. Thanks Vicky. Actually you are being way too kind in your compliments on my people drawing. The two digging into their donuts are really children (that I have made into grotesque adults!).