Thursday, April 25, 2013

St James Catherdral - Seattle

10" x 8" sketchbook spread. 
Watercolor and white Pitt Pen on 
Simons Green Twinrocker paper in a hand sown sketchbook.

I took the day off and drove to Seattle Wed to see the Nicholai Fechin exhibit at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. While I waited for my daughter to join me, I sketched the towers of the St James Cathedral, which I could see from the museum.

It was a gorgeous day and a fantastic exhibit.


  1. Whoooo !!!
    This is a very nice sketch. What I most like was that you did not use any contour line in the whole sketch... and that is a very nice stile.


  2. Quite nice, Bill. Yes, that Fechin exhibit was super. Saw it last month.

  3. I like how the towers peek out from that stunning tree. Love those darks in the deep greens.

  4. Nicholai Fechin's work looks as though it would be well worth traveling to Seattle to see. It also looks vaguely familiar but the name is not so I am probably imagining it.
    I have only been to the Frye once to an group exhibit of egg tempera paintings (my friend was showing his work). It was lovely exhibition space and of course I loved the free admission!

  5. Thanks everyone.

    The Fechin exhibit is really impressive. Seeing his work in person makes a huge difference. The Frye is a a really nice space and it's free. There is also free parking across the street, although the lot was full, when I was there.