Saturday, April 13, 2013

Northeast Sandy Sketchcrawl

We started off today's sketchcrawl at Voodoo Doughnut Too, where the screeching punk music was a perfect fit for a doughnut whose eye had been poked out by a pretzel.

The on-and-off sunlight lured us outside, where I caught some of the iconic building signs in the neighborhood.

Many of the sketchers ended up taking shelter from the cold in a delightful motorcycle coffee bar, which was remarkably cozy, comfortable, and welcoming (especially in comparison with Voodoo!) I was too chicken to draw any of the historic motorcycles, but I did try to tackle the Sandy Plaza building across the street.

Lunch at Pho Gia was super tasty, I'd happily go back there. And even more delicious was the passing around of everyone's sketchbooks, super-inspiring stuff. Thanks, sketchers, for a great morning!


  1. Katura, didn't get to comment at our sharing session ...but I love the 7up sign and former Salvation Army building(?). All around your coloring was brilliant!
    Also appreciated your commentary on the loud music...but shouldn't that pretzel stick have been in the hear???

    1. Hiya Deb! The Salvation Army sketch feels pretty clunky to me still, but it was worth it to hang out in that nice cafe. And yes, pretzel in the doughnut's ear would be hilariously appropriate! Hee hee.

  2. Love the doughnut! Even the frosting glistens. I wish I had thought to draw the signs. They really show the area and they're so delightfully retro. I wish everyone could see your Sandy Plaza sketch in full size. It looks good here, but the blossoms against the yellow building really were great live.
    Thanks for organizing a fun day!