Saturday, April 20, 2013

sketching at University of Portland

I got this 'from above' view of the Port of Portland from the bluffs at the university. It was quite challenging and after I'd started it I thought maybe I should have done a warm-up sketch or two. There is much that is not included in the was so busy with buildings, ships, cranes and whatnot's that I became lost a couple of times. Besides ships that moved!
But I have to keep remembering that it is the essence that I am after not an exact representation.

View of Port of Portland from University of Portland bluffs on the Willamette- watercolor, ink, Pitt pens
Afterward I cooled my brain and did this more tranquil subject.

Sculpture at University of Portland- ink

 After lunch in the Commons we passed around our sketches and then Kalina gave her 'Pens 101' to an enraptured (and grateful) audience.........a good day!


  1. Wow, Deb! I know how complicated that scene is from the bluff. I've been confused just looking at it, without attempting to capture it in a sketch. You did it, though! I'm sure it's quite a challenge to capture all that hugeness and all that activity in a sketchbook. I love the brain-cooling sketch, too:)

  2. Deb, you did such a good job of editing the scene of the port so it captures the gist without getting buried in boggling complexity. And the colors are lovely!

  3. That port scene is just amazing! How large was the sketch book in which you painted it?

  4. Thank you Vicky, Katura and Kate. I am glad that my confusion when sketching this busy scene is not apparent to you thank you very much!
    In answer to your question Kate, the sketchbook is a HandBook. Opened up completely flat it measures 5 1/4 X 16 1/2inches.

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  6. Beautiful work, Deb. The port scene is a knockout. Great job editing the scene to be more impactful.

  7. Deb, I know this scene well and you captured it beautifully! I like the second sketch as well, with all of the angles softened by the suggestion of plants.

  8. Thank you Bill and Janene. The port scene was a very challenging sketch but I am encouraged by all of the positive comments. The smaller sketch was quite fun to do also although there were some strange building angles that need more attention!...maybe another time.