Saturday, March 16, 2013

The View from Pill Hill

Another big group of urban sketchers this month--13, 14 people? Wonderful.  * Otra vez, un grupo grande para dibujar esta mes--¿13, 14 personas? Que maravilloso.

The Rilassi Coffee House on the south waterfront is an excellent place to admire people's dogs. Chops the bulldog puppy was perhaps the biggest hit in the puppy parade. * El café Rilassi, en el sur de la orilla oeste del rio, es un lugar excelente para admirar perros. El perrito "Chops" tal vez fue la superestrella del desfile de perros. 

Fast sketch as we rode up the aerial tram to the OHSU campus. Had to stop and admire the historic photo of the student rugby team from 1894. * Hice este dibijo rapidamente al subir a OHSU por el teleférico. Despúes, admiré a lost chavos del equipo estudiantíl de rugby de 1894.

From the balcony where the tram lets you off, the view down over the city is pretty fancy. My attempts to paint the Ross Island Bridge and the Marquham Bridge from above would have been better if Wayne Thiebaud had been there to give me advice. * Al salir del teleférico, hay un balcón con una vista excelente de la ciudad. Mis pinturas del puente Marquham y del puente Ross Island habrían sido mejores con la ayuda de Wayne Thiebaud.

The lovely blue-green building tiles and the bright yellow flowers made this corner of campus a lovely little scenic surprise. * Los azulejos verdes y azules en el edificio historico con las flores amarillas trayeron color sorprendente al gris del día.
And finally, before we went back down the tram to share sketchbooks and eat pho, I tried tackling the skybridge. My grasp of the architecture is so-so, but I like how the contrast between the trees and the buildings turned out. * Antes de regresar al fondo de la colina para compartir dibujos y comer pho, traté de pintar el puente de vidrio que conecta dos edificios de la universidad. No entiendo bien la arquitectura, pero me gusta el contraste entre los edicifios y el bosque.


  1. Katura, you made some really nice sketches. Great capture of the body language of the little dog. Lovely little picture of spring with the green building, staircase and yellow flowers. The diagonals of the tram sketch make for a dramatic drawing. I agree that the contrast is striking. Hope those gray clouds didn't rain on you!

    1. Thanks, Vicky! It started raining pretty hard during our lunch and sharing break, but for the most part we were able to stay pretty dry throughout.

  2. Wouldn't we all be better if we had Wayne Tiebaud beside us to help!
    Beside that though your sketches are wonderfully intriguing. I am partial to the two last for the brilliancy of color and subject.

  3. Ha--you captured pudgy little chops really well! He had such a winsome gaze. The contrasts of form in the last sketch is really engaging to me, as well as stance of the rugby players.