Sunday, March 17, 2013

Portlands South Waterfront

I elected to stay below and not travel up the tram to OHSU. I had been on the previous visit to this site last year and was interested in concentrating on all of the cranes and industrial paraphenalia there.

In addition Kalina lent me a couple of pens to experiment with and play....

These first are using the HERO M86 (with a distinctive bend at the tip of the nib) and some watercolor pencils for more color. I liked the thick and thin line that I was able to get using this pen. And an added bonus was that the pen had some old red ink that Kalina loaded with newer black...which resulted in this lovely reddish wash when water was added.

The other pen to try was a TOMBOW Brush pen. This one was fun to work with...easy to get those thick and thin lines. The added color was from some of the sample watercolor pencils I got at the Art Materials Extravaganza & demonstrations in Milwaukie last Wednesday. These were a DERWENT watercolor in blue and a DERWENT Inktense in chartruse and my standby grey toned PITT pens.


  1. Deb, you are really making all those crazy criss-cross lines of the cranes and bridge supports sing with your casual, confident linework. Love it!

  2. Love how the subtle touches of color livens up the sketches, and the warmth of the reddish ink with the blue accents is great!

  3. I really like your experiments, Deb. Your style comes through, but there's a little twist.
    Wish I'd made it to the sketchcrawl!