Saturday, December 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Tree with no Leaves

I was waiting for a friend out in front of the Oregon Zoo, sketching the landscape to pass the time. I later realized that this would totally count for the "tree without leaves" item in the scavenger hunt! Also on this page is a sleeping fruit bat from the zoo. Love those bats. * Estaba esperando un amigo en frente del Oregon Zoo, y pintaba el paisaje como un pasatiempo. Luego me dí cuenta que tenemos "árbol sin hojas" en la lista para la nueva búsqueda de tesoro! También dibujé un murciélago frugívero en la página--me encantan estos murciélagos, aún cuando estan durmiendo.

Watercolor and ballpoint pen. Wish I'd brought a black pen instead of a blue one. * Acuarela y bolígrafo. La próxima vez, debo agarrar un bolígrafo con tinta negra en vez de azul.

Today I was impressed by the spectacle of my neighbor's persimmon tree. No leaves, but plenty of bright orange fruits hanging like some kind of holiday decoration. The neighborhood crows were very excited to get their share of the deliciousness. * Hoy descubrí la belleza de un árbol de Caqui que esta en mi vecindario--sin hojas, pero lleno de fruitas colorosas. ¡Los cuervos estan seguros que las fruitas son regalitos de navidad!
Watercolor and black ink. * Acuarela y tinta negra.
It may be cold and grey and wet, but I'm always impressed by how much beauty there still is this time of year. Happy holidays, everyone. * Es cierto que el frío, la lluvia, y el cielo gris es un gran parte del verano aquí en Portland. Pero hay tanta belleza, también. Feliz año nuevo a todos.


  1. Katura, these are great and really reflect the season. I've had my eye on some persimmon trees lately, too. There's one in our neighborhood where each persimmon is tied in its own little mesh and a very lovely one next to the pool at the Chinese Garden, but yours with the crows is the best! What a lively scene you captured.
    Love the fruit bat, too.

    1. I'm excited to see how you'd draw the persimmons! The one with the little individual mesh fruit hats sounds extra-nice. These trees are so elegant, especially on a gray gray day.

  2. Great stuff here. I especially love the 'naked' tree one with the shadow in light grey of the other trees beyond....also the mix of color; blue, yellow, brown, and grey.... Super!

  3. Thanks, Deb! I was having fun with the wet-on-wet for those background trees, glad that oozy pigment managed to capture the sense of trees in the drizzly fog!