Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taylor Electric Supply Co Boiler Room

Taylor Electric Supply Co Boiler Room in all its Grafiti beauty.  I must say I do not like grafiti but the sum of this fire damaged Boiler Room is breathtaking and I would love to have this room reserved as a sort of mausoleum to the Company.  I went back yesterday on 09/17/12 most of the grafiti we observed on Saturday 09/14 had been removed and painted over with new unappealing wanna be grafiti thugs scribbling on the columns and walls.  So most of the visual is gone but surprising nobody touched the Boiler Room except somebody pulled at the red plastic tongue and now its almost hanging out.  The Men's Restroom is not bad.  The back wall has a wonderful skull grafiti but I cannot remember if it was there before or not.  All in all I wish that my favorite room will not be destroyed.  Oh!  Also the wonderful electric post seen through the window (from outside it looks like a meowing cat , ears mouth wide open) now sports grafiti on the bottom of the post. But this site is still an awsome sight with its grafiti rooms and half insinerated, melted glass on SE 2nd Ave.


  1. Fantastic Angelika.....great layout and energy....I get a real feel for the place even though I wasn't fortunate enough to make it. Thanks for posting. Cheers, Don

  2. Love it Angelika....this has a wonderful illustrative quality. I can see why you liked this place.