Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goose Hollow and another attempt at the Vista Bridge

We have been having some wonderful weather days here in Portland lately and even though personally I sometimes bemoan the heat it has been wonderful to go out and sketch without worrying about the possibility of having a backup plan for rain.
a nice little block of older homes surrounded by a newer highrise.
 In the above- trying to pick up on some of the shading with my Tombow and Pitt markers
Vista Bridge looking past the car dealers big tent waning.
This past Saturday sketching was no exception...great day, great fellow could we miss? Fun!


  1. Deb, these look great. Very nice composition with the old houses against the newer apartment complex and I like the repeating blocks of white space:sky, roof, tree. That green really works on the Vista Bridge, too!

  2. Thanks Vicky....and as we were saying on Sat...I think it (the Vista bridge) has improved with its online presence.

  3. I always admire your interesting and varied line work

  4. Thanks Bill. Even though I experiment with color and other mediums I seem to come back to this medium again and again. Comfortable I guess??