Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lone Fir Cemetery

In black and grey.... kind of 'Addams Family-ish'. Do you think?
 A small group of five made it to Lone Fir Cemetery on Saturday. The day was perfect for sitting under the trees and sketching.
trying to capture the overall light and shadow.
 I am pretty fascinated by this Macleay mausoleum and wanted to make another attempt at it (first was on 7/24/2010). In comparison the previous sketch shows more of the structure but this one is closer in feeling, I think.
The awesome structure of the Macleay mausoleum
sketch from 7/2010


  1. Thanks for organizing this sketching trip, it was a lovely day to explore this little verdant gem in the city. I love the watercolor sketch of the Macleay mausoleum especially, there's a cheerfulness to the brushstrokes somehow!

  2. Cheerful....really?? Maybe I was smiling while I painted.

    1. I think something about the big round shapes of the individual brushstrokes coming through so clearly is what made it feel cheerful to me. Probably a function of the small scale of the paper more than whether or not you were grinning as you painted--but that "dab dab dab" motion totally comes through in a way that makes me happy.

  3. Deb, you really captured the dappled sunlight in the cemetery. I especially like the two wide spreads.