Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Final Results

I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath to see the grand tally of our Scavenger Hunt Sketching Challenge! The graph is below, with highlights of the data called out after that.

Most-Sketched Items: 
  • Coffee (8 sketches)
  • Fountain, Fire Hydrant, and Bridge (7 sketches each)
  • Unusual Hair, Rose, Watercraft, and Stripes (6 sketches each)
Least-Sketched Items:
  • Three Groins in a Fountain (1 sketch)
  • Mount Hood and Hung Far Low Sign (2 sketches each)
  • Streetcar, Umbrella Man, Food Cart, Bird on It, Pigs in NW (3 sketches each) (I suspect we have more streetcar sketches out there, but they didn't get posted yet, rats!)
People With Most Sketches: 
  • Katura, 30 items
  • Vicky, 23 items
  • Katharine, 20 items
  • Deb, 12 items
That was a lot of fun! If we were to do it again in the winter, I'd be curious to hear if there are suggestions about how to structure the challenge. Longer (or shorter) length of time to work with? Fewer (or greater) number of items? Do share your thoughts!

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