Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Scavenging

Saturday morning was perfect weather for sketching with the Urban Sketchers.

I sat down low by the Ira Keller Fountain, close enough to feel the cool air from 
the falling water. The last time I sketched this was with Tia at the 2010 Symposium 
and I was reminded of her saying, "Add brown to those greens in the trees."
 Here's my latest attempt.

There was a Benson Bubbler right across the street, so that sketch knocked off another
 scavenger hunt item. I wish I had been quick enough to sketch the crow that dunked
 his bread in the water.

I started drawing the elk after lunch, but he looked like a cartoon, so I'll need to
 revisit him another day.

On Sunday, my husband and I rode the aerial tram up to OHSU. (Sunday is a good day 
to go because it isn't very busy.) The ride was quick, but fun and the views were great, 
even on a cloudy day. Drawing the tram is very tricky, because it's only still for a matter
 of moments. I drew the dock first and then raced to get the tram in before it disappeared.

Here's another view of the tram dock.

"Pill Hill" would be a terrific place to practice perspective drawing because you 
can see so many different views of buildings and passageways. Here's a one-point 
view that I took from the skybridge to the Veteran's Hospital. I'm glad it's not on the 
scavenger hunt list!

Scavenger Hunt Tally: bubbler, tram 14


  1. Great work, Vicki! You chose some really challenging perspectives and handled them well. I especially like the fountain!

  2. Really nice sketches Vicky. That elk is deceiving because he is so thick necked.

  3. Thanks, Carrie. I'll have to measure the neck next time I attempt the elk sketch.