Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Fire Hydrant, Bike Pile, Musician, (and a little shoe distraction)

I drew several fire hydrants, thinking I would get a better one, but I think I just got more fire hydrants.

The most challenging item so far, has been the bike pile.

The best thing about the bike pile is it's near Fluevog shoes and they were gracious enough to let a few of us sketch inside. Their shoes, in all the different shapes and colors were really fun to draw.

This next shoe, was designed by Urban Sketcher Correspondent,  Zaza . You, too, can enter their Open Source shoe design contest and maybe get a prize and a shoe named after you. I'm already imagining 'The Vicky', winning enough to buy a gorgeous pair of sandals that I have my eyes on.

We go out to hear a lot of live music, so I sketch musicians often, but I thought I'd post a slightly different one, and test the rules to this hunt.  I'm trying to learn how to use Brushes on my iphone and this is an early attempt. What do you think, is iphone sketching legit?

By my count, that was 12 for me, narrowing the gap to Katura:)


  1. All of the gears are contained inside the rear hub, making shifting smooth and easyHermosa Beach.


  2. Sweet! Those Fluevogs are drawn in a style that compliments them nicely. The modern art works well too, drawn fluidly to compliment the fluid lines.

  3. I've ridden several of those little bikes in the pile... what is that dancing sculpture thing near the lamp post and hydrant? Great shoe drawings, and I think I think iphone sketching is fairly legit.

  4. Thanks, Kalina and Marco!
    That dancing sculpture is a sculpture in NW Portland, somewhere in the vicinity of 11th and Kearney, I believe. It might be running. Hard to tell.

  5. Oh Vicky, I just LOVE the sketch you drew of my shoes!
    Thank you for the mention— I'm so flattered!

  6. Hey, Zaza, I'm flattered that you visited our site!