Thursday, June 21, 2012

While there is no way I will catch up with Deb,Vicky or Katura---
I am enjoying some of the scavenger hunt items on the list.
Here are my few attempts which I have enjoyed.

It took me three attempts to get a sketch of the Heart Coffee roaster that I liked.


The "Sign".

I saw this fire hydrant on my morning walk and returned with my sketchbook.
I attempted to draw the Navy ships in port for the Rose festival but could not get near them.I wandered down the waterfront and decided this Coast Guard cutter was more colorful and accessible.
Item #'s 21,27,8 and 13.


  1. You didn't Tag yourself, I think these are Linda's and you have such a great hand for watercolor. The coffee thingy is an accomplishment in itself. Love them all.
    Please put your name in your tags ok? That goes for everyone!

  2. Yeah, the coffee roaster is amazing! I've sketched that very machine before, the shapes are crazy, and your sketch has all kinds of style. Love the vignette coffee with it, too!

  3. Linda, these are lovely! So nice to see you posting!

  4. Great sketches, Linda! I love the coffee roaster, and the mug inset really gives the sketch personality. The colors in the fire hydrant sketch are delightful, and those flags on the ship--wow!

  5. That coffee roaster is quite a study...thanks for posting these. My favorite is the hydrant. Love the way you have it integrated into a landscape!