Friday, October 1, 2010

2 states, 2 cities, 2 parks/gardens

First city: Vancouver in Washington at Esther Short Park

We met in Esther Short Park in Vancouver, WA, to show some love to our northern neighbor. It turned in to a gorgeous day! Colin (above), Tony, Jennifer, Abby, Anne, Deb, Janene and I turned out to sketch.

Our sketching results

my sketch of the clock tower.

another sketch in Vancouver

Urban Sketcher, Tony, illustrated
Colin, Urban Sketcher, in action

Second city: Portland in Oregon at Lan Su chinese gardens
I headed over to Lan Su Chinese Garden (free admission day!) to continue sketching on the beautiful day.

the bridge, Hall of the Brocade Clouds and buildings behind.

Lan Su can be translated as Awakening Orchids. It is a wonderful place to sit and sketch on a gorgeous day.

this was actually my first sketch in the garden.


  1. Great post, Alanna! The one of Tony and the last one of the Chinese Garden are my favorites, but all are good.

  2. I've been sketched! Cool ^_^

    I really like your Chinese Garden pictures - you managed to condense all the crazy detail in those structures down to the essentials. Good stuff.