Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Survey Says...

I collected responses for location suggestions for upcoming sketchcrawls and thought I'd share what you all told me. Some of these the group has done before either in the early days (pre-blog) or during the symposium.

In any case, this is a nice list to have for those that are looking for inspiration on where to draw. Please feel free to add items by leaving a comment!

an auto show (to practice cars)
Oregon Zoo
central eastside industrial area
a public event where many people are present
Pioneer Square
Free open dress rehearsel at Imago or other theather
North Portland
Old Town-the new Hung Far Low sign and area
Waterfront across from the Grain silos
mississippi street
bridgeport village (tigard)
oregon city- falls
eastbank esplanade near the steel bridge
13th ave, bybee or milwaukie in sellwood
goose hollow
brewery/distillery tour at local pdx brewer/distillery
oaks park
nob hill
broadway bridge
alberta food carts
hawthorne street area
china town
skateboard park and/or department of skateboarding
OHSU near tram
rainy day choice-floyd's coffee or other cafe that's interesting
steel bridge

1 comment:

  1. I'm a brand new member, looking forward to my first Portland Sketchcrawl this Thursday! Another
    good rainy day choice is the downtown Portland library. It's a beautiful building inside!