Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skidmore Fountain

I used Tia's color technique on this drawing with a little modification....I set up the subject and then put the color down on the paper where I think it will be in the final drawing. Then while waiting for it to dry I do a small sketch of it to get warmed up. The color doesn't fall into place most of the time but I like the result.


  1. Deb, This is fantastic! I love everything about this sketch. The way you used color helps to unify the composition.

  2. Thanks Janene. I was pleased with it also. The color didn't come out as vivid as the original and there was some discussion about not scanning the sketches but doing a photo of them to post... better color reproduction. Mathew Brehm said he only photos and Kalina and Alanna agreed.
    Next time!

  3. Very nice! I never went on Tia's workshops but wish I had because i like this technique and want to try it out.