Sunday, September 26, 2010

Esther Short Park

Our sketching group met at a coffee shop then spread out to sketch in and around this park in Vancouver, WA. The clock/bell tower chimes on the hour and makes quite an iconic statement at the entrance.

I found the gazebo quite difficult to sketch because of the odd angles, but it is a pretty little structure.  The Victorian house in the background is the Slocum House and sits in one corner of the park.  My husband and I have enjoyed community theater productions here on several occasions.  The parlor is used as the foyer, and the dining room has been enlarged to accommodate a low stage and seating for about fifty.  When the audience sits so close to a performance, it makes it a more personal experience for everyone.


  1. These are very nice, Janene. I really like your compositions.
    I'm glad the sketchcrawl went well. Especially after seeing your
    sketches, I wish I could have gone.

  2. Thanks, Vicki! We missed you--I hope you can make it to the next sketch event.