Sunday, September 5, 2010

White Eagle

Here is our group hard at work on Saturday Morning, sketching the White Eagle Saloon and Hotel. From left to right are (I think) Anne, Jennifer, Kalina, Jason, Vicky, Janene and Louise. I apologize if I got that wrong and sorry Jason kind of got smeared by the photostiching. Also present, but not pictured were Alanna and Carrie.

Here are the two sketches I did.

After doing the first one I wandered down to Interstate Ave to sketch this chimney thing. Not sure what it's for.


  1. Bill, You did an excellent job of capturing the look and the feel of the area around the White Eagle, and I am jealous that you sketched the railroad chimney thingy--I have been wanting to sketch that for quite awhile, though I don't know what it is for either.

  2. I like how you captured the incline and the older (less spiffed up) side of the building. Again, I love the colors you use.

  3. Wow, Tricky perspective in that top photograph!
    ...... Oh, it's spliced! No North Portland vortex after all. Sketches are sic, yaknow-awsum!
    I really had a nice afternoon over there.