Sunday, September 5, 2010

White Eagle Saloon

White Eagle Saloon, originally uploaded by jswalkky.
This old tavern, built in 1905, is in the industrial part of town and has quite a checkered past.  It is two blocks from a huge rail yard, and used to be frequented by very tough characters indeed but is now owned by McMenamins and has been beautifully restored.  We spent a fun morning sketching the building, then headed inside to pass around our sketch books and get a bite to eat. Portland, OR, USA


  1. Nice one Janene. I like this view, with the garden and ivy softening the building.

  2. This is so nice. Such a clean look you gave it.

  3. I guess you would have to pay close attention to the plants with your garden designing skills. You do such a good job of editing out the extraneous stuff. You do great job with light and shadow - I like the high key treatment.

  4. Thanks, Bill and Vicky!
    Carrie, How true-I do tend to zero in on the plants. Adding shadows was tricky since the front was totally in shade, as you well know. Thanks for your comments.