Saturday, December 19, 2020

Virtual sketchcrawl - Trees dressed up for the holidays

I did this one last Saturday, in an unexpected sunbreak.  

It's a tree in my neighbor's front yard, which he dolled up something special for the season.  I stood on his parking strip, and we had a long-distance conversation between the street and his porch.  (And then he waited patiently until I'd finished, so he could come out and rake up his leaves.)

While I was there a hummingbird - a male Anna's - came to investigate the tree, probing every single ornament, in hopes it was a flower or a feeder.  And then flew away in a huff.

Then, this morning I braved the iffy weather, dodging both rain and other people, and walked down to Pioneer Courthouse Square to sketch the tree. 

I haven't been downtown in ages.  The number of empty storefronts is scary.  And these colorful circles are painted in the square and on the surrounding sidewalks.  I assume that they're social distancing markers.

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