Sunday, December 27, 2020

Virtual Sketchcrawl #12 - Winter

Please join us for our twelfth virtual sketchcrawl on Saturday, January 16th.

This month, let's sketch a winter scene.  Maybe a bleak gray landscape, maybe a cheery fire - whatever winter means to you.  And if you'd like, let's this once put the pigments away and do it in black and white.

Sketch by Kay French, from the Fehrenbacher Hoff

If you decide on sketching an outdoor scene, then feel free to sketch any time between now and the 16th, to find agreeable weather.  In any case, please post on the 16th, by:

(1) posting to this blog

(2) emailing to our mailing list, or

(3) posting in our Facebook group

As always, this challenge is optional, and you can be as strict to the subject or as loose as you like. Your participation is welcome whether you choose this challenge or not-- just make sure to work from life and to include contextual information, so it stays in the realm of urban sketching!

PS. Is there interest in getting together virtually on the afternoon of the 16th?

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