Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sketchcrawl on Pill Hill

With more bridges

We started out in a solid fog.  That came and went, with buildings and views appearing and then fading away again.

I started out with the skybridge, standing near the entrance to Doernbecher.
When I first started, the bridge disappeared into the mist.  But as I worked a ghostly image of the VA hospital emerged behind it.

When I got done with that I emerged from the other end of Doernbecher and wandered off in search of other bridges.  I found one that led to an elevator to a parking lot and, looking back at Doernbecher, realized that its entrance, where I'd stood and sketched the skybridge, was yet another bridge.  So I sketched that bridge, from this bridge.

And then headed down to the top of the parking garage to sketch this bridge.

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