Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Balch Gulch Bridge

I took a walk up into the woods, seeing how it was so nice, taking my big tablet so as to get a sketch of one of the bridges, seeing how this is the 'year of the bridge'.  But the trail was super crowded, as everyone was taking advantage of the good weather on a holiday to go hiking in the woods.  And it was freezing cold next to Balch Creek.  I took the shortest clockwise loop and then walked home over the Balch Gulch Bridge. Three (or maybe four) mountains were hazily visible.  I thought that I could see Rainier, but it might have just been a cloud on the horizon.  And I saw Mt Hood, for the first time from the bridge.  It must be hidden by the leaves on the trees for most of the year.

I walked down to the end of the bridge, and did a sketch of the finial that they added when they rebuilt the bridge.

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