Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Worldwide Sketchcrawl: Saturday, Oct. 13

Yes indeed, the 37th Worldwide Sketchcrawl is happening this Saturday, October 13! Join us in the afternoon to enjoy the challenge of sketching rollercoasters and autumn leaves...We're heading for Oaks Park.

Disclaimer: the rides won't be open this time of year, but the roller rink will.

Meet 1:00 pm at Grand Central Bakery in Sellwood: 7987 SE 13th Avenue.
At 1:30, stroll about 20 min (or drive, I suppose) to the Oaks Amusement Park: 7805 SE Oaks Park Way.
(Map showing how those two dots connect:

Don't forget to pack your raincoats; we might get a little rain...

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