Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Apple Tasting Celebration

Here are some of my sketches from this week's sketchcrawl.
The line to go into the tasting tent....

 Near the rhododendrons where Alanna and I stood out of the way, hoping to sketch the crowd...

The band, Petty Cash played while we sat on hay bales to sketch...

And here is the sound guy, who by his sign, appeared to have a sense of humor.

It was a good morning of sketching, drinking cider, and eating roasted chestnuts. Best of all, was meeting up with the other sketchers. 


  1. When we shared these you could see the compositions were well done but the additional color has taken them much further....and they have become alive! The shadow on the underside of the tent as given it a sense of space....wonderful.

  2. I love the color in these; it gives the sketches a wonderful warm glow. The expression and posture of the sound guy conveys the attitude of someone who is really concentrating on his work.

    I wish I could have been there.


  3. Thank you Deb and Marianne. Deb, you are the master of shadows. Your drawings are an inspiration.
    Marianne, I hope you can come out to another sketch soon.