Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple tasting festival, now married

I have been away from the monthly meetups to draw our city, but I am married now and have time free to sketch again! I enjoyed 'getting back in the saddle' as they say, but I felt like I was out of practice. I stuck with Vicky as I wasn't sure what I wanted to sketch. I am glad I did! I enjoyed the conversation and the sketching. Next time, I'll wear gloves!

My sketches, the wooden cow, Marta sketching in fingerless dog hair gloves, the line, the band Petty Cash, and a new sketcher, Andrea.


  1. I liked sketching with you, too, Alanna and as always, I love that your sketches always tell a story. You're going to have a wonderful record of your life because of your sketches.
    Funny comment about the apple--I didn't draw one either!

  2. It is good to have you back sketching with us again. Your sketching perspective is always interesting to see. I especially like the final sketch in this group.....very appealing in composition and coloring.