Monday, May 9, 2011

Horse Brass Pub and Movie Madness etc. weekend

Our day sketching at Horse Brass Pub and Movie Madness had lots of potential but was a pretty crummy day for sketching outside. The outside sketch was done earlier in the day after we met up at The Red Square Cafe but after that it was all inside!!

On Sunday I traveled to a winery out in Hillsboro (Willa Kenzie Estates). The ride was fun but again the rain just drove us inside. Fortunately we were prepared and brought lots of goodies to snack on between wine tasting (the others were tasting- I was drawing!)


  1. Deb, I like how you got the gumball machine into the Movie Madness sketch. Your color wash works really well here, too. Your indoor pub sketch is such a good example of including pertinent details, and letting some of the clutter go. I can learn so much from this group!

  2. Thanks Vicky. You know I have noticed that the drawings seem to look better when posted here on the blog (at least mine seem to). I appreciate your comment about the details and letting the clutter go but to me when I look at that drawing all I seem to see is the clutter! It must be the 'blog gods' doing their thing.