Sunday, May 8, 2011


Some of us met up on SE Belmont at the Red Square Cafe for a rainy day sketchcrawl.
I didn't realize it until I got there that I was at the last page of my sketchbook! So, my sketches were all crammed together.
From Red Square, we checked out Movie Madness...where I drew a costume
Movie Madness At 33,000 DVD titles and 27,000 VHS titles, if Movie Madness isn’t the largest video store in the world, then it’s certainly a contender. Officially recognized by the Southern California Motion Picture Council for its outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry, Movie Madness is to movies what Powell’s is to books. And then there’s the museum. Yup, museum. In addition to the rental side of the business, owner Mike Clark – let’s just say a character in himself – has accumulated prop and wardrobe memorabilia from some of the biggest blockbusters ever to come out of the ‘wood. What this means is that, in the very same store that you’re renting your Hitchcock, the knife from “Psycho” awaits you. Or maybe you’re more interested in the alien head from “Aliens” or the time machine from “H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.” Costumes worn by Barbra Streisand to Diane Keaton to Mike Myers are displayed as are all the lead actors’ wardrobes from “West Side Story.”

From there, we headed over to Horse Brass Pub, a traditional English pub. It was dark and full of items on the walls and bar. "it's going to be sketchy" said Deb, and she's right...I very sketchily sketched the pub.
 I sketched these on the end paper of the sketchbook...
...a black and white photo of Winston Churchill on the wall

Vicky and I headed over to Tabor Space
where i experimented with a new sketchbook and a water soluble graphite pencil that i wasn't used to. Result was that i didn't like the sketch, so i sketched right on top of it with a bold black pen....

and then the best part of the day was asking if it was alright if we could draw during a drum circle. What fun! I really enjoyed sketching while these folks kept the rhythm!


  1. Wow, Alanna, you really captured those people at the drum circle. I know just who you were looking at! I especially like your dark pub drawing, too. You got the atmosphere right! It's always fun to see myself sketching. (It's an out-of-body experience.) And finally, Luna (what a trooper she was) is going to like her portrait. Her posture shows how intent she was on her sketch. Well done!

  2. Lovely sketches. It sounds like a busy day.

  3. We had almost the same view inside the Horse Brass Pub and even though you describe it as a 'sketchy sketch' it shows the essence of the place. The addition of people in your drawing adds to that too....I can't decide if I ignore the people or just don't see them??. Nice composition on the drumming circle...I'll bet it was fun.